Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its been a couple of weeks since I updated, guess it's about time huh!

We've been busy doing things around our house. We are both so happy to have a french doors instead of a sliding door on the back of the house. The doors were so old and worn out, so not only do the french doors look great they're much more functional! Thankfully my good friend Amy, told me her husband and step-dad could put them in for us. I had a little bit of doubt because everybody else told us it was impossible without screwing up the brick on our house. We were pleasantly surprised when they said the could install the new doors without hesitation. Then on top of that they even said they could install a new dish washer! Now that really made us happy! We were told they would have to pull up our flooring or tear apart our counter top to get our dish washer out. But leave it to Kyle and Mikey, they took out the old one and put in the new one without a hitch!

What's crazy is neither of us have ever had a dish washer! The dish washer that was in the house when we moved in worked, but the outer shell of it was cracked and would leak. So the entire time we've lived here we've washed all our dishes ourselves. So you can imagine our excitement! {especially Brad's since he washes dishes when I cook dinner!}

I started back to school a few weeks ago, so far it hasn't been to terrible. Hopefully I'll be substituting in Burleson ISD on my off days from school. I need to get all the experience I can, plus meeting teachers and principals will hopefully help me get a job when I graduate.

Last week we took our ol' man Chase to the vet, after leaving his office I sat in the car in tears based upon what the vet told us. Brad attempted to convince me not to worry until we knew for sure what was wrong. We had to wait it out to find out on the following Monday what was truly wrong with him, thankfully they think it's just a thyroid issue. They've put him on medicine, we're going to give it a month and see if things improve.

The past few weeks haven't been the best, we've had some struggles not with each other but in regards to other issues but hopefully 2010 holds better things coming up for us!

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