Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A White Christmas

For the first time in history, Fort Worth got snow on Christmas eve and we even had some left over on Christmas day! I'm not just speaking of a little bit, it was a lot we got a couple of inches! It was wonderful!

As result of the roads not being in good condition to drive on, we decided to not make the drive to Rowlett. So Brad and I stayed home and just relaxed together!

Christmas day we spent with my side of the family, then the next day we spent the evening with his side of the family. We both got some great gifts, my favorite gift this year has to be the flash for my camera! Brad got things for his new "man cave" in the garage, so he was happy!

Today was a lazy day for us, we enjoyed stay in together catching up on our favorite shows. It even snowed again today!

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